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About Us

About Millie P's

The story of Millie P’s Quilt Shop actually began some 60 years ago when Millie Pearl married Jack. Although she had a creative nature, it became somewhat of a necessity sewing for her children (6 in total). Although – she took it 10 steps further. Jackie, Becky and Sandy were always the talk of First Baptist and Oxford Baptist Church as they flounced in each holiday wearing their adorable dresses including hand-embroidered anklets to match. Her sewing expanded to home decorating and blankets for babies and grandchildren making each one custom to the child. Becky Carlson, owner of Millie P’s, began quilting about twelve years ago and hasn’t come up for air since. Like many others, it became not only a creative outlet but a stress reliever and a means to pass time while her husband, David, was fishing (and, man, does he fish a lot). Becky retired from Medtronic in July of 2009 and the break from the corporate world soon led to the realization that her time needed to be filled with something that she loved doing. The idea of Millie P’s began in earnest in September – the store opened on January 2nd. Needless to say it has been a whirlwind of work and fun. Millie P’s – “dedicated to continuing the creative education many generations before us started – building the bond between grandmas, moms and children through quilting. Millie Pearl (Mom, Grandma and Grandma Great) – in her memory, the talent of Millie P’s staff will pay it forward”.


Note from Becky: I get asked many times what the “theme” of my quilt shop is. I didn’t realize what my theme was until after I ordered all my fabric. I just ordered what I liked – and walking into Millie P’s now you will definitely see that the theme is BRIGHTS ! We have many lines of fabric including Kaffe Fassett, Moda, Blank, Red Rooster, Marcus, Timeless Treasures and on and on. Each line was carefully chosen because I felt it would “pop” or “blend” or “tell a story”. I have a passion for color – a passion for design – and a passion for children. The color and design you will see when you walk in – the passion for children you will see in not only fabric in the kids corner and the kids play area – you will also see that we have included classes for children so that we too can pass this art onto the next generations.

When you walk in the store – it will immediately hit you that the main focus of the store is customer service. Becky was the VP of Medtronic’s Customer Service center and realizes that the main ingredient to success is happy customers. We will make you feel welcome – we will naturally get excited about your projects – we will listen to your ideas – we will customize classes around your needs – and we will LOVE helping you create beautiful and special quilts!