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Q: Are my Facebook and APP CommentSold accounts linked?

A: Yes! Make sure to use the same Facebook account or Email to log in and your accounts are linked.

You can shop a MML Live Sales on the APP or  through Facebook and ALL items will show up in the same cart.  You can check your cart either through the APP or go to . Loyalty points will be added to the same account regarless of shopping through Facebook, the APP, or the online store. 

Q: How do I shop a LIVE sale on the APP?

A: During a sale just head to the APP and click on “We are Live, Tap to Join” button at top of screen! Then you will join the Live Event.

Q: Can I rewatch the live sale on the APP?

A: Currently no, but the App will gain this feature within the near future! Hopefully the next month or two. For now you can rewatch on Facebook and add items and they will be added to the same cart.

Q: How do I add multiples of one item to my cart on the APP?

A: You need to click on the item again to add additional items, qty feature coming soon.

Q: Item didn’t show up in my cart during a Live sale?

A: Make sure when you click to add an item you also click the “Add to Cart” button. When you successfully add an item during the live sale it will see a CONGRATS image and it will say "Added to Your Cart". If you do not see your item in your cart check your Waitlist to see if you added a Waitlist item.

Q: How does the Waitlist work?

A: When an item is out of stock you can still click to add to your Waitlist. You will be notified when we are back in stock via an email and the item will be automatically added to your cart. You have 48 hours to checkout before the item is removed from your cart.

Q: Where can I see my Waitlist on the APP?

A: Click on the Heart icon on the bottom of the screen on APP (it is the middle icon) and it will bring you right to your waitlist. Remember when items are in stock you will get an email and that item will be moved to your cart.

Q: How do I use a Coupon or Gift Certificate on the APP?

A: Go to the Checkout (click on your cart in upper right corner of APP) under the "Review Order" section on add the code to the Gift/Coupon code box and then click on the "APPLY" button to the right of the code box. You should see the discount below for a coupon, and the gift card amount will be loaded to your "Use Available Credit" button right below the Total. Click to use.

Q: My Coupon Code is not working on the APP?

A: Common reasons:

  • Entered wrong (spelling only, as it is not case sensitive)
  • If it is an APP specific coupon you must add items to cart while on your APP and not through Facebook
  • Coupon already used once
Q: Do I earn Loyalty Points on the APP and how do I check my Loyalty Points in the APP and use them?

A: YES! You earn 10% back in loyalty points on every APP or Facebook purchase!!

  • At Checkout the Loyalty balance will show in “Use Available Credit” button under your order, click on that button to apply your credit to your purchase.
Q: Why did my items get removed from my cart?

A: Items are removed 24 hours after adding if not purchased to allow other customer a chance to buy the item. The inventory in your cart is specifically held for you so it cannot be claimed by others unlike Target or other big retailers which do not let you claim inventory until you make your purchase. So, we kindly ask if you change your mind to remove from your cart, or item will be removed after 24 hours if not purchased.

Q: Why didn’t my FREE shipping work my total was $75?

A: Make sure your purchase was $75 Prior to Offers, Tax and Shipping. It will show in your Subtotal line on the Checkout page. The system automatically adds free shipping when you qualify.

Q: How to I change to Local Pick Up in the APP?

A: At Checkout click on the EDIT button to left of shipping address at top of page and then click on “Pickup Locally” and press Save.

Q: Can I use my credit card without a PayPal account?

A: A: On the APP at the Checkout page to the left of Billing Method click on EDIT and simply enter in your credit card information by clicking on ADD Card.  If you want to use this card to as your “default” payment make sure to click on the card on that same screen and a pop up will ask you if you would like to “Make Default” credit card.  If you click it will make this card your payment form at checkout and now you can check out in two easy clicks! If you ever want to delete the card, follow the same steps above and click on “Delete”

Q: Can I see my Order History in the APP?

A: Yes! Click on Person Icon on button of APP screen, which is located on the right-hand side, then click on “Order History” button to view your Order/Date/Status/Totals.